Save While You're Away

If you are going away for the weekend or a holiday break, help Freed-Hardeman "save while you're away".

  • Turn off lights and lamps

  • Adjust thermostats to appropriate unoccupied settings 

    • Unoccupied heating set at 55⁰F (fan set to auto)

    • Unoccupied cooling set at 85⁰F (fan set to auto)

  • Turn off and unplug all devices which use electricity 

    • Quick Tip: Plug all of your electronics into surge protector power-strips. Not only will you protect your electronics, but it will be easier for you to quickly unplug your items.

  • During extended holiday breaks at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and spring break, we also ask that students, faculty, and staff clean out, defrost, and unplug personal refrigerators.