Thermostat Settings

Between 60-65% of our energy costs are connected to heating/cooling buildings. Our goal is to keep students and faculty comfortable during class and scheduled activities. Scheduled setback periods ensure that energy is not wasted when the buildings are unoccupied. Campus has a great opportunity to see further energy savings by keeping thermostats set within university guidelines

  • Keep room thermostats within university HEAT settings

    • Occupied heating between 68-72⁰F (fan set to auto)

    • Unoccupied heating set at 55⁰F (fan set to auto)


  • Keep room thermostats within university COOL settings

    • Occupied cooling between 72-76⁰F (fan set to auto)

    • Unoccupied cooling set at 85⁰F (fan set to auto)

    • Ceiling fans operating in all areas that have them.


In addition, heating/cooling costs can be reduced by ensuring that outside doors and windows remain CLOSED when HVAC is in use.