greenquest In today's world of rising energy prices and global concerns for the environment and sustainability, there's never been a better time to get a handle on your energy usage and cost. The old adage "What gets measured, gets managed" is very true, and your first step towards energy efficiency and cost savings is to simply track your bills. GreenQuest, your personal energy information website, does that and much more!

Start by entering your energy and water bills. From there, GreenQuest does all the work! You'll see how you compare with other similar users in your area, spot costly utility bill errors, get an accurate carbon footprint... even learn how much of an impact the weather has on your electricity and fuel consumption. As GreenQuest brings your boring utility bill data to life, don't be surprised if a few money and environment-savings ideas sprout up!

Freed-Hardeman University is dedicated to helping our stakeholders conserve energy, save money, and sustain a clean environment. We encourage you to start using GreenQuest today and see firsthand how your energy use measures up and, more importantly, how your efforts to conserve really do pay off.