Remote Support

IT has teamed up with GoToAssist to help us better serve our faculty, staff and students. Using this software, IT can give remote assistance to any user whether they use a Mac or a PC.

While our online HelpDesk should be the primary means of receiving assistance, there are times when access to your computer is vital in troubleshooting a given issue. When a HelpDesk technician needs access to your computer, we will do this remotely using GoToAssist.

Once a HelpDesk technician has been assigned to provide you assistance, you can do the following while on the phone with the technician:

  1. Browse to 
  2. You will be prompted to enter Your Name and a Support Key (which you will receive from the HelpDesk technician).
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Follow the instructions and download the Citrix Online Launcher (the download should start automatically).
  5. Open and run the Citrix Online Launcher.
  6. Click Join to enter the session.
  7. The HelpDesk technician will be remotely connected to your computer to give you assistance.